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Information about Global Warming - Também em Português

Read the pamphlet with information about Global Warming and Climate Change, as well as descriptions of what can happen in various parts of the world during this century.


Open or download the pamphlet as a PDF file - 460 kb (right click + "save target as ..)

From "Conclusion on Global Warming":
One of the big questions of today is whether global warming and climate change can be stopped or whether it is inevitable. Though worried, most scientists believe that if we act now, ”serious” climate change and global warming can be avoided. A few, such as James Lovelock who created the GAIA theory of the Earth as a living
organism, believes that is far too late to stop the changes that are now unfolding.
Politicians either deny that there is a problem or act as if there is plenty of time to do something. After weighing the arguments we in The GAIA-Movement have had to conclude the following:

  • Global Warming and Climate Change are unavoidable as they are already going on and have been so for quite some time,
  • they constitute an inevitable catastrophe that will unfold in the years and decades to come,
  • this fact cannot be reversed as the politicians in power will not provide the leadership needed to implement the monumental changes needed to reduce greenhouse gas emission and
  • the processes set in motion are of such magnitude that they by now can only be postponed or prolonged so as to allow more time for adaptation.

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