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Big impact from the water & sanitation projects in Mozambique and Zambia

Learn about the large improvements in the form of access to drinking water, improved hygiene and sanitation, nutrition and income from gardening in the TAZAMO project, funded by the Dutch Government through Connect International.

See here some examples of the impact of the TAZAMO project in Zambia:

Household surveys in Zambia show the large impact of the project. At the start of the TAZAMO project in the Mpika project area, 3% of households had access to safe water within 500 m. At the end of the project, this had improved to 27%. Households with latrines improved by 17%. In Ndola the number of households treating unsafe water nearly doubled to 70%. Where 40 % of households in Gwembe had vegetable gardens at the start, 90 % had at the end.

Read more in the final reports:

Read or download the final report from Zambia (rightclick & save target as ...)

Read or download the final report from Mozambique (rightclick & save target as ...)

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