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1Presentation on global water issues

"Water - soon a rare commodity" made for the Development Instructor Conference in Denmark, where international volunteers preparing themselves to work at projects in Africa and India discussed the issues.

1Reducing water consumption: Eskom

Eskom power stations run constantly, supplying in excess of 95% of South Africa’s electrical energy and more than half of the electricity used on the African continent. Without water, this output would not be possible.

View of Lake Kariba from Gwembe District, ZambiaThe Total Water Programme

Read about this GAIA-Movement Project - started in Zambia and Zimbabwe

Posters on the Total Water Programme

Read posters with the detailed goals of the programme

1Smart Sanitation Solutions

Examples of innovative, low-cost technologies for toilets, collection, transportation, treatment and use of sanitation products

11 billion lack clean drinking water: UN

UN agencies say over 1 billion people still have no clean water to drink and 2. 6 billion lack reasonable sanitation six years after the goal was set. The international community falls far behind in its plan to halve their number by 2015.

1Arsenic Biosand Water Filter for Rural Areas in Nepal

A team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and two Nepali NGO partners have developed a low-cost, innovative household water filter that is providing a long-term, sustainable solution to the problem of arsenic contamination.

1Water - One of the World's major Environmental Problems

1Vetiver grass

Vetiver grass can be used for erosion control, water harvesting, water cleaning and much more.

-1Vetiver for erosion control

Reedbed for cleaning waste water

1Duckweed - cleaning waste water and as chicken feed

1Treating water at its point of use: Procter & Gamble

Did you know that Procter & Gamble, in collaboration with non-governmental organizations and governments, is working in developing countries to provide safe drinking water to people directly in their homes?

1Simple drip irrigation system

1Low-cost Water Supply in Record Time in Madagascar

BushProof, a private business with offices in Madagascar, now providing low-cost water supply in record time. The organization has given concept for rapid water provision by “jetted well” in rural areas.

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