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Purification of water with moringa seeds and solar radiation

Clean drinking water is lacking in many parts of the world and many persons die because of this. It is estimated that two million people die every because of water related diseases. It is possible to prevent many of these diseases. For example by boiling the water before using it. But many families do not have sufficient firewood, or this will create even more work for the women. It is therefore good to know other water cleaning systems.

A system is using solar radiation to kill bacteria and microorganisms. This can be done with clear water in bottles made of clear plastic. The ultraviolet radiation will kill the microorganisms after 5-6 hours in the sun. The system is more efficient when the temperature is higher, and it is therefore good to paint half of the bottle black. When the bottle is placed lying down with the black side towards the ground more solar heat will be absorbed.

This system only works with clear water. But often this does not exist because the water comes from a river or a pond. Purification of the water is then needed. This can be done with moringa seeds. Moringa is a very useful tree, which is grown in many villages in Southern Africa. The leaves and the fruits are used in the food, the branches are used for firewood, and the trees form an efficient living fence. If there is a manual oil press in the village, it is possible to make cooking oil from the seeds, and the leftovers after pressing can be used to purify water. But the seeds can also be used directly to purify water.

The compounds in the seeds make the fine impurities accumulate at the bottom of the container, and this results in clear water above. This water can then be treated with solar radiation to be safe drinking water.

Open Gaia Course 11e "Water Purification with Moringa Seeds and Solar Radiation"

Biodiversity and the development of life

This task is about biological diversity. In this task you will study the development of life, and how it diverged into a wide variety of species that live together and are dependent on each other. Today with the extinction of many species of animals and plants the once magnificent variety of life is on the decrease. We do not yet know the implication of the present species loss.

Value of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a fashion word. Many people talk about it as if it was the solution to everything. But is it? Maybe it is maybe it is not. A wide range of species is being used for food, for medicines and for technical and chemical substances. We do not know what is hidden in the genes of unexplored species. A high degree of biodiversity is therefore an important resource for future generations.

Implement systems to control erosion

The task is to learn about why soil erosion occurs, what problem it creates and to test ways to reduce erosion problems in Southern African villages

Build simple water pumps

The task is to build simple water pumps with materials, which can be found in your area. One type is the rope and washer pump. The other is the Rus pump.

Build fuel saving stoves

The task is to test various types of stoves which can be built locally and can save firewood.

Build a biodigester - a simple biogas system

The task is to build a biodigester which can produce gas for cooking and fertilizer by transforming manure

Build Solar Cookers

The task is to build cookers which can use solar energy to cook food

Simple Systems to Improve Nutrition

The task is to know and to use simple systems that can improve nutrition

Fish Production

The task is to start a production of fish at the school

Conservation Farming

The task is to know about and start the Conservation Farming systems at the school

Grow your own Fertilizer

The task is to know and start the system of improved fallowing, which is a system that uses leguminous plants to improve the soil and simultaneously supply firewood, fodder and material for mulching (covering the ground).

Purification of water with moringa seeds and solar radiation

The task is to know and disseminate the knowledge of the system of purifying water with moringa seeds and to use solar radiation against harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Water harvesting in the ground from trees and houses

The task is to know and disseminate the knowledge of systems for water harvesting, recycling of waste water and water saving systems such as drip irrigation.

Make a bamboo cooler

The task is to make a simple system to keep perishable products for longer time. The system is made of bamboo and uses the evaporation of water to reduce the temperature.

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