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Why is it important to protect the environment

The Earth systems are under threat. Global warming, freshwater depletion, biodiversity reduction, hole in the ozone layer - are all examples of such threats.

One has to ask oneself what can be done to stop this development. How serious is it really? And what is it actually possible to do to change the direction?

Even though much of what is happening in the world today does not show it, we are totally dependent on the natural environment.  Just because we as humans have the power to destroy environment and other species, this does not give us any right to do so. But more convincing to the ones having power in today's world is probably the economic argument. That we cannot afford to destroy the Earth systems. 
Attempts have been made to estimate the value of the services our environment give. This added up to 33 trillion USD (33 million millions) every year. This amount is nearly the double of the total world economy.
The value of nature's flood and storm protection is calculated at 1.1 trillion, and water and climate regulation at 4.1 trillion USD.
The value of the services provided by coral reefs is estimated at 375 billion $/year. But these coral reefs are destroyed at an alarming rate. In 1992 10 % had permanently been destroyed and this grew to 27 % in 2002.

James Lovelock on GAIA Theory

Lecture by James Lovelock 20 years after publishing the GAIA theory

Earth System Science and GAIA

An article by Peter Westbrook, on how the GAIA systems have regulated the earth throughout history

The Earth, its systems, its natural values and its protection

An introduction to Gaian thinking and why it is necessary

Why Did Human History Unfold Differently On Different Continents For The Last 13,000 Years?

An article by Jared Diamond


An article by Jared Diamond

Is nature of any value?

An introduction to environmental ethics - by Holmes Rolston III

Nature Gone Awry

It is an ethical requirement that we protect our Planet and see ourselves as teachers and models for future generations.

The Gaia Theory

Read here an overview of the Gaia Theory

Lynn Margulis on Gaia

A Gaia model - Damworld

The more different species live together, the more stable a system, and the better chance of surviving or moderating changes in the environment.

Why is it important to protect the environment

Examples of how it pays to protect the environment

Hurricane disasters in Central America

Examples of how it pays to protect the environment

Mangroves in Vietnam - destruction and restoration

Examples of how it pays to protect the environment

Protection of marine ressources in Northern Mozambique

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