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The GAIA-Movement Living Earth Green World Action USA, Inc.



The GAIA-Movement USA, is a not for profit organization based in Chicago.
It raises funds for environmental projects - Gaia projects.
It raises the funds by collecting and selling used clothes.
The clothes collection in Chicago is The GAIA-Movement USA's first environmental project.
Collecting used clothes is a sound environmental way in which to economize with the resources and to save space at the landfill.
The GAIA-Movement USA is tax-exempted under section 501(c)(3).

Visit the GAIA-Movement USA webpage:



The GAIA-Movement USA has donated funds to the following GAIA projects:

Restoring Mopane Woodlands, Namibia

Preserving Miombo Woodlands, Mozambique

Total Water Programme, Gwembe District, Zambia

Total Water Programme, Mazabuka District, Zambia

Total Water Programme, Shamva and Bindura Districts, Zimbabwe

Pumps for Trees, Zimbabwe

GAIA Activities at 30 Village Schools, Mozambique

Harit Sankalp, Green Action - A GAIA Project

Information, Research and Development

1Each kg of clothes donated saves 4 kg of CO2!

Data in a new report from the Danish Technological University show the many environmental benefits of donating used clothes.

Green World Recycling has over 600 collection boxes in the UKGreen World Recycling Ltd.

A UK based not for profit company that pays royalties to The GAIA-Movement for the use of the GAIA logo

GAIA US has about 600 clothes collection boxes in the Chicago areaThe GAIA-Movement Living Earth Green World Action USA, Inc.

A US based not for profit organisation, which has donated funds to a number of GAIA projects in the developing world

Clothes as waste

In the US an average of 30 kg of clothes pr person is dumped as waste every year.
In Sweden it is 9 kg/person


In the developed world very little area is available for new landfills, and the old ones are filling up. At the East Coast of USA they will only last 5 years. In the Midwest of USA 10 years.

Carbon emissions

We can triple the lifetime of clothes if they are reused. This means a storage of carbon in stead of creating greenhouse gasses when they rot or burn at the landfills.

1Community Carbon Collectors in Kenya

Chardust has teamed up with an NGO that has an existing garbage collection program to encourage Kibera slum dwellers in Kenya to act as “carbon collectors”, salvaging charcoal dust to sell to Chardust for processing into briquettes.

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